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Infected Pet Nails

Aardora helps speed healing in three ways. First, as a powerful, all-natural antimicrobial dressing, it protects your pet's damaged nails from harmful germs (bacteria and fungus). Second, Aardora's superior moisturizers quickly soothe irritation, redness and swelling of raw pad areas. Lastly, Aardora’s Active Earth Elements™ draw toxins and allergens away from the area while providing essential mineral nutrients. Guaranteed results with no reported side effects.

About Infected Pet Nails & What Causes Them:

If your pet spends a lot of its time outdoors and is exposed to damp soil (a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria), he or she may develop a nail infection.  Another cause of nail infection is trauma (if the nail is cut too short.) In some cases, nail infection presents as a symptom of a more serious medical condition such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, or immune deficiencies.

Nail infections or nail disorders usually create paw irritation, swelling, abnormal nail color and/or nail deformity. Since your pet’s paws will be uncomfortable, it is more likely that you’ll notice repeated paw or foot licking before these other symptoms. If this incessant licking and scratching continues, it can lead to raw skin, sores, and infection. So, if notice that your pet is repeatedly licking or gnawing on their paws, your first goal should be to restrict your pet’s access to the area by use of a cone. You may also want to apply a protective bootie to protect the area, and keep any bacteria or fungus from spreading to other areas of the body.

How to Care for a Pet with Cracked Paws:

Regardless of the cause of your pet’s nail infection, it is important to respond as proactively as possible. Similar to humans trying to shift their weight to avoid putting pressure on a painful foot or leg area, cats and dogs will put unnecessary pressure on other paws when one particular foot is bothering them. This uneven pressure can cause joint pain and other complications.

Since this area is highly sensitive and raw, the primary treatment goals are to minimize discomfort and manage the infection. Use a soothing topical cream to relieve redness and soothe the irritation. A topical (surface) skin protectant, such as Aardora, will guard against infection and address the existing bacteria or fungus.

During the Healing Period:

During the healing period, be wary of any lurking bacteria in your pet’s daily environment that may pose a risk for infecting their paws. Serve your pet’s food and water from stainless steel dishes that are washed daily, clean your pet's bedding, use a hypoallergenic shampoo on your pet's fur and, if possible, restrict outdoor playtime to paved surfaces that are free from grass, flowers and other potential allergens.

Be aware that cat and dog nail fungus and bacteria are easily transmittable. If you have other pets in the house, try to isolate your sick pet until the nail fungus has cleared up. Also, if your pet has the run of the house and is not wearing protective booties, it is smart for all people to protect their feet from the house’s floor by wearing slippers or shoes.


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