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Horse Itch & Rash

Aardora helps speed healing in three ways. First, Aardora's unique moisturizers soothe itch, irritation, redness and swelling to deter the over-scratching of your horse's rash. Second, Aardora serves as an antimicrobial dressing in order to protect raw scaly skin from harmful germs (bacteria and fungus). Lastly, Aardora’s Active Earth Elements™ draw toxins and allergens away from your horse's skin while providing essential mineral nutrients. Guaranteed results with no reported side effects.

Equine itch and rash, also known as dermatitis, has a range of causes including bacterial infection, fungal infection, parasites, mites, allergic reaction, nutritional deficiency, or sensitivity to an irritating substance. Common symptoms are dry skin, swelling and reddened irritation. Although most itchy conditions are not dangerous, your horse's reaction (rubbing, biting) can cause serious problems such as hair loss, crusty lesions, infection and fluid-filled blisters. So, it is important to treat these conditions carefully and proactively.

By clicking on the list of itch related links in the left column, you can learn about various types of dermatitis, rash causes, tell-tale symptoms, how to heal your horse's skin and side effects to watch out for. Also, find tips for maintaining healthy horse skin throughout the year.


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