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Canine Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Aardora helps speed healing in three ways. First, Aardora's unique moisturizers soothe itch, irritation, redness and swelling to deter the over-scratching of tender dermatitis rashes. Second, Aardora serves as an antimicrobial dressing in order to protect your dog's damaged skin from harmful germs (bacteria and fungus). Lastly, Aardora’s Active Earth Elements™ draw toxins and allergens away from your dog's skin while providing essential mineral nutrients. Guaranteed results with no reported side effects.

About Dog Flea Allergy Dermatitis & Common Symptoms:

Flea allergy dermatitis, the most common pet allergy, is caused by a dog’s allergic reaction to the saliva of fleas. Even after just one fleabite, dogs usually experience severe itching, hair loss (from over-scratching) and red oozing hot spots around the irritated skin area.  Even if you do not see a flea, this does not mean that a flea is not responsible for your pet's discomfort. Often, during the process of scratching and self-grooming, a dog will remove the flea from their body. Unfortunately, the reaction still lingers.

How to Care for a Dog with Flea Allergy Dermatitis:

Since your dog’s reaction to fleas (itching, biting, etc) predisposes them to a skin infection, it is important to keep the area clean. To prevent further flea bites, use aggressive flea control on your pet and the entire home environment. Vacuum your floor frequently to remove any flea eggs that may have burrowed in the areas where your pet lounges.

During the healing period, be wary of any lurking bacteria in your dog’s daily environment that may pose a risk for infecting the rash. Serve your dog’s food and water from stainless steel dishes that are washed daily, clean your pet's bedding, use a hypoallergenic shampoo on your pet's fur and, if possible, restrict outdoor playtime to paved surfaces that are free from grass, flowers and other potential allergens.

The best treatment for flea dermatitis is to deter scratching (with a cone or muzzle) and use a soothing topical cream to manage the itch, discomfort and inflammation. A topical (surface) skin protectant, such as Aardora, will also lower your dog’s risk of infection, particularly if their skin is over-irritated.  And, of course, treating your dog with an extra dose of TLC (tender loving care) will help him or her to heal more comfortably. Surround your dog with its favorite toys, pillows, etc.

Healing Complications to Watch Out for:

Watch out for changes in your dog’s appetite (anorexia) and energy, as these can signify a serious infection. Be especially careful with densely coated dogs or dogs where there is an accumulation of mats or shedding hair, since moisture on the skin may remain long enough to allow superficial bacteria to reproduce and spread.


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