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Dog Folliculitis

Aardora helps speed healing in three ways. First, as a powerful, all-natural antimicrobial dressing, it protects your dog's damaged skin from harmful germs (bacteria and fungus). Second, Aardora's superior moisturizers quickly soothe itching, irritation, redness and swelling to deter scratching of tender folliculitis bumps. Lastly, Aardora’s Active Earth Elements™ draw toxins and allergens away from the skin while providing essential mineral nutrients. Guaranteed results with no reported side effects.

About Dog Folliculitis, Causes & Symptoms:

Folliculitis starts as small, oily plugs in the hair follicles and develops into swollen infected bumps. Symptoms can appear differently depending on your pet’s coat, but usually look like small pimples, lesions or crusts. These lesions can occur singularly, or in clusters over a larger area. If your pet has very thick or matted hair, you will not see these lesions unless you closely examine your dog’s skin.  You are more likely to notice your dog scratching or rubbing the affected areas, followed by reddish or brown staining of the surrounding hair, circular patches of baldness, raised tufts of hair, an overall dull coat, scaly skin, or excessive shedding.

Folliculitis can develop as a side-result of other skin issues (mange, allergies, dermatitis), or as a reaction to environmental changes and stress. If you feel that this condition is stress-related, (perhaps you have moved to a new apartment, introduced a new animal to the household or one of your dog's friends has passed on), try to calm your dog by paying extra attention to them and surrounding them with familiar household items such as a particular toy, bed or blanket. Perhaps you can buy the dog a new plush friend to discourage it from getting lonely.

Many dogs develop folliculitis bumps on their chin, which has lead health professionals to identify plastic food dishes as a culprit. Small scratches in a plastic dish can hold bacteria or dirt that gets transferred to your dog's face when he/she eats. Generally, it is better to use glass or metal food bowls and wash them daily to prevent a buildup of any irritants in the base of the dish.

How to Treat Folliculitis:

Regardless of the cause, this condition can make some dogs very itchy and uncomfortable, so it should be treated as quickly as possible. To prevent over-irritation and over-scratching (which can spread the infection) it is important to deter your pet from contact with this area by using a cone. Minimize their discomfort and soothe the area with a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-itch cream. A topical (surface) skin protectant, such as Aardora, will also guard the skin against bacteria and keep the affected area clean.

Preventing Folliculitis:

Although there is no fail-safe way to prevent your pet from developing folliculitis or a similar bacterial infection, you can discourage future skin irregularities by grooming your dog regularly and cleaning him or her with an antibacterial wash. Also, try to provide your dog with balanced nutritious meals. Without proper nourishment, a pet's entire body, not just its skin and coat, will be continuously in a state of stress. Many types of dermatological problems can be avoided if your dog is consuming an optimum diet. If you are feeding your dog inexpensive commercial dog food, try upgrading to a meat-filled organic product.


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