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Dog Abscesses

Aardora helps speed abscess healing in three ways. First, as a powerful, all-natural antimicrobial dressing, it protects your dog's damaged skin from harmful germs (bacteria and fungus). Second, Aardora's superior moisturizers quickly soothe itching, irritation, redness and swelling to deter scratching of the blistered spot. Lastly, Aardora’s Active Earth Elements™ draw toxins and allergens away from the skin while providing essential mineral nutrients. Guaranteed results with no reported side effects.

About Dog Abscesses, Causes & Symptoms:

Abscesses and abrasions are some of the most common skincare issues for dogs. An abscess is a deep localized skin infection. At first, an abscess will appear as a tender growth, much like a small blister. Over a few days, the boil will get filled with pus. Pus is a thick fluid produced by the body as it fights the bacterial infection. While these white skin cells are attacking the bacteria, they create a hardened lump on the skin. In addition to the main abscess lump, the surrounding area will exhibit pain, redness and swelling; this area may also feel warm to the touch.

Often, unless the wound is very large and obvious, an owner may first notice that their pet is scratching or rubbing the affected areas. Or, you may see reddish or brown staining of the surrounding hair, circular patches of baldness, raised tufts of hair, an overall dull coat, scaly skin, or excessive shedding. More serious tell-tale symptoms to watch out for are sudden drops in energy, appetite loss, or sluggish movement.

Abscesses have a range of causes, including common bacterial infections, sebaceous cysts, nutritional deficiency or recent exposure to a toxic substance. Additional causes may include mites (intruders on your pet's hair follicles), an imbalanced immune system (a byproduct of stress or other health problems), poor hygiene and/or poor nutrition.

How to Care for a Dog Abscess:

The most important aspect of treating your pet's abscess is preventing infection. Use a topical (surface) skin protectant, such as Aardora, to guard the skin against bacteria and keep the affected area clean. Treatment of the infection will stop the production of pus, which will reduce the skin’s need to swell and create pressure. Consequently, the boil will drain and your dog’s surface discomfort will be eased. Also, use a fast-acting and soothing topical cream to relieve the inflammation and redness.

And, of course, treating your dog with an extra dose of TLC (tender loving care) will help him or her to heal more comfortably. Surround your dog with its favorite toys, pillows, etc.

While your dog’s abscess is healing, try to limit your pet's activity so that they are not further endangering the open skin sore. Also, if possible, limit or restrict their exposure the outdoors. Outdoor areas are filled with irritating substances (dirt, grass, bacteria, fungus) that can infect your pet's wound and slow or compromise the healing process.

Preventing Future Infections:

Although there is no fail-safe way to prevent your pet from developing an abscess or similar bacteria infection, you can discourage future skin irregularities by grooming your dog regularly, and cleaning him or her with an antibacterial wash. Also, try to provide your dog with balanced nutritious meals. Without proper nourishment, a pet's entire body, not just its skin and coat, will be continuously in a state of stress. Many types of dermatological problems can be avoided if your dog is consuming an optimum diet. If you are feeding your dog inexpensive commercial dog food, try upgrading to a meat-filled organic product.


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